Gap semester plan

It has been a while since the last update. Has a lot on my mind right now, and I am trying to come up with a feasible plan for the gap semester (modifications are expected as time goes on):
1. Understand the basics of stock market (be familiar with jargon). If time allowed, try to step a little more into some security analysis, or black-schole option model.
Books: Investment and Security analysis by Graham.
if prepared well, try to open an trading account as soon as possible.
Also, if possible, try to take some econ or fin courses on campus that will help.
2. Try to attend and learn the following courses next semester:Math 561(together with the fifty probability problems) and CS 576 (Haskell training) and CS 498. Continuing reading papers in mendeley and try to explore as many interesting areas of study as possible (Keep notes taking in Linuxmint).
3. Figure out how to maximize my academic fun while social or financial obstruction is minimized.

Book list (keep updating):
My life as a quant
Probability theory: the logic of science


Online Resource

18.102 Introduction to Functional Analysis together with Math540
18.103 Fourier Analysis - Theory and Applications together with Probability
18.238 Geometry and Quantum Field Theory
18.330 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
18.701 Algebra I together with any abstract algebra course
18.385J / 2.036J Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos with 510
18.405J / 6.841J Advanced Complexity Theory something new
18.435J / 2.111J / ESD.79J Quantum Computation with Physics 513
18.965 Geometry of Manifolds with 518


Embrace the environment

To do list everyday:
Read couple of articles from a major science website or a news website.
Finish reading O'Henry's short story book.
Oral practise to be enforced.
Watch movies as you need to translate every single word actors said.

To do list:
Reading tasks every week.
Understand that practice makes prefect(10 thousand hours).

To think about the future ideas.


Completely Unsocializable

After 3 yrs staying abroad, I have successfully turned myself into a silent person, no social life at all, although it is not important to me, but sometimes I still feel helpless and useless.

good education system, many more opportunities, fast internet, lots of academic resources, new tech stuff available
English, racial discrimination, communicating badly, no common topics, no friendship, cooperating with other will be difficult, not used to American's life style (like party and stuff), even researchers like to social, don't want to act stupid, so I will have to avoid social activities as many as possible, not easy to get a job for a alien, disgusting food, and high price. Totally can not blend in. The worst part is that I am invisible to them, which means I am a totally outsider, actually, even if I am able to talk very nice English, like some of my Chinese friends, they are still willing to hang out with Chinese, not the Americans, which is why the lifestyle is more important.

good food, have social network, have family living together, no worry to move, speak Chinese, cheaper.
Bad:absolutely disaster academically, and fucking bureau systems, have no social security network, must try hard to earn money, and if you ever get a chance to go abroad, you are ranked second class, people are too smart to organize.

There are two solutions, one for each country, one is that I will be able to speak English more confidently and better, then I am sure I won't feel sad whenever I am about to talk, and I am able to express myself freely, that will at least help me out of nervous. The other one is to wait or help China evolve into a better country, with international reputation, not only for its population and anything that is because of its gigantic size, for example, let her own citizen feel proud of its high technology and science achievement, improve its high-education system.

No where to go, China seems will fail soon, and here I don't have an idea what to do, what to make a living...





Schedule the schedule

It is painful that every time I am about to get something done, there is no break time, immediately huge amount of things follows, and forces me chasing. I have no problem making schedules, short-term ones, and get them done, but talking about long-term schedules, that's what confuses me the most, and become impractical to follow. While they are still useful and able to work as a guidence for my future life. I think it is the time for me to clearly list all things I want to try, and divide time for each single part, thus conquer them one by one. Please hand me my patience and insistency! (Detailed book plan, study plan, etc., will be post online)!





Newest Upgrade, Plan for Winter Break

It's been a long semester, and I have to drop a course because i am not doing well in all others. Well, frankly, I think I have learnt my lesson, that is study is not about concentration and resource, the more time you spend and the more resources you used, the better understanding you will have. So the plan for this winter is first, finish complex variable, and prof it at the beginning of the semester, also, check the am I still in the group, then study some part of 427,436,and of course if possible 470. This seems to be impractical, I will make time table for each in detail. Hope, I won't be lost again for the next semester, and also I have to start to search for summer research. So, the winter is clearly not a break for me. Living in busy time is kind of pleasure, if I can retrieve passion from it, no matter success or failure.

The step towards a subject, you should first sketch a rough blueprint for that, like a content table for a book, and then list some of the important theorem or methods or concepts for each topic, and then practice them for some amounts of problems (find a good problem book) to get a concrete understanding for each of the concept. THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL!!!!!!!!